Life’s Lessons Learned

LESSONS WITH BORDERIf you are a fellow septuagenarian, I am absolutely, positively sure that you have learned many lessons in your life. I know I have!

I don’t know how old I was when I first realized that every experience in life has something to teach us. I know I wasn’t in my twenties. I wasn’t in my thirties. Maybe I was in my forties.  Regardless of when this awareness “came to me,” I am now very acutely aware that life teaches us so many lessons along the way.

In my twenties I experienced a marriage, the birth of my first child, a divorce, the death of my precious grandfather, and meeting my “best friend for life.” (We’re still BFFs more than forty years later!) In my thirties I experienced graduation from a great university, a second marriage, the birth of my second child and the death of my much-beloved grandmother. In my forties came a second divorce and I bought the home I still live in today.  Of course, many other experiences taught me lessons throughout those decades and in my fifties and sixties still more experiences helped make me who I am today.

I’m sure you have an equally “impressive” list of experiences that taught you life lessons!  It’s a bit disconcerting to think that we live our lives to a certain extent by trial and error. Yikes! The Cambridge Dictionary defines trial and error as “a way of achieving an aim or solving a problem by trying different methods and learning from your mistakes.” Those last four words are critical: learning from your mistakes. I hope I have done that…at least most of the time!

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