Our Goals and Dreams

2 GOALS Pink Coffee and Pen BORDER AND WORDSGoals give us energy, a sense of direction, and a really good reason to get up in the morning. We can find a renewed sense of purpose in life by discovering and accomplishing personally meaningful goals and dreams. Don’t be without them!

What are your passions? What unique gifts and talents did God give you? What inspires you most and makes you feel truly alive? What do you like to do best? What makes you laugh? What makes time go by so quickly you just can’t believe it? These all can be clues for creating new goals in your life!

You say you’re out of ideas? Call friends. Throw an idea party! Do some virtual brainstorming. Know that in this life we don’t have to “go it alone.” We can accomplish more – and enjoy our accomplishments more – with a like-minded friend or two by our side. Consider all the roles in your life – grandmother or grandfather, mom or dad, spouse or partner, friend, volunteer, church member, community member, and more. We can have goals in any area of our lives. And know that goals can be big or small, short term or longer term, fun or serious. The sky’s the limit!

Are we too old for goals and dreams? Heck, no! Especially at our age – at any age for that matter – we want to create a life that makes us happy. Every action – and inaction – in our lives makes a difference. Every choice makes a difference.  Knowing that makes thoughtful goals even more important.

Time’s a wastin’! Simply put, setting and achieving goals helps us feel good about ourselves and find new value in life. Let’s create goals, make plans, take action, and create lives that bring us joy.

In other words, my friends, let’s get this show on the road!

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