The University of Life

Life is our classroom! Yes, we are all students in the University of Life! If we wake up in the morning, we have another opportunity to learn. And we learn in so many wonderful ways.

Books with a cup of coffee, free copy space

The University of Life is definitely not only about “book learning” or formal education. We learn from our life experiences (see Life’s Lessons Learned). We learn from novels by our favorite authors or best-selling non-fiction alternatives. We learn from classes that teach us a new skill or hobby. We learn from newspapers (including my favorite, old-fashioned print newspapers!), from magazines, from 24/7 news online, from television, and from all sorts of social media. We learn from traveling, trying new recipes, visiting new places “right in our own backyard.” You get the picture!

Let me offer an example of learning from novels. Author J. D. Robb – aka Nora Roberts – writes an “In Death” series of murder mysteries whose main characters Eve and Roarke live, work, and solve crimes in New York City circa 2060. Not only do these books allow me to escape briefly from my sometimes-less-than-peaceful day to day life, they teach me about places I have never visited, lifestyles unlike my own, tempting cuisine that’s new to me, and, of course, how to marshal resources to solve murders.  Eve and Roarke seem like familiar old friends. And they have taught me so much!

One of my favorite quotes is “Invest in yourself. It will pay you for the rest of your life.” (See Words to Live By for more favorite quotes!)  Learning is, indeed, an investment in ourselves.  We learn new things…all kinds of things. Who would want to wake up a year from now knowing only what they know today? Not me!  As long as God gives me the gift of life, I will continue to learn.

Quite simply, learning just might be life’s greatest adventure! Lifelong learning is one of my true, forever passions. I have often thought that if money was no object, I would stay in school forever!

Please join me on the great adventure of learning.  You’ll be glad you did!

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